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About Us:

Welcome to the Filipino-American Communications employees of AT&T, Southern California website.

WE are one of (12) Employee Groups at AT&T. 

WE are a non-profit 501c3 organization that focuses on events that promote our four pillars: Culture, Community, Charity, and Education.

Please enjoy our website highlighting past and future initiatives happening near you!

#stopasianhate #Stop AAPI Hate 

Staying hopeful is challenge when you see the recent uptick in Asian-American Pacific Islander hate crimes.   


Together we can advocate for equality, report crimes or help those that are too scared to do so, or donate to organizations like that assists in stopping and helping victims of these types of crimes. 

Want to do more?  Become an advocate and stand for equality.

Your purchase of any item on our FACES online store will have a portion of its proceeds donated to


Thank you AT&T Frontline Essential workers!

#InterFACES - FACES SoCal partnered with local non-profit organization Hugs & Bags along with World Central Kitchen to provide essential workers, FACES members, to over 450 lunches! 

We supported local restaurants and Filipino-American owned businesses during the current pandemic and provided delicious meals to the Office of the President, Construction and Engineering, Mobile Retail stores and other frontline workers who keep us all connected!


Thank you for all that you do!  Many have personal sacrifices but continue to go into work everyday and provide our customer with the best world class customer service and connectivity!