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FACES SoCal 3rd Annual Charity Basketball Tournament Rules and Regulations


1.First Possession: Will be determined by coin toss
2.Length of Play: 15 minutes time limit.
a. Halftime begins at 7 minute mark
b. Play resumes after 1 minute of halftime
3.Timeout: Each Team is allowed (1) 30 second time out for each game
4.Overtime: If score is tied at the end of regulation play, it will result in an additional1 minute time limit.
a. Team with the highest score at the end of overtime is declared the winner.
b. First possession of ball will be determined by a coin toss
5.Change of Possession: Ball must change possession after scored baskets. Losertake out.
6.Scoring 2 & 3 Points: Anything below 25 feet counts as 2 points. Anything beyond25 feet counts as 3 points
7.Stalling is prohibited at all times. (Stalling involves a style of play in which a teamdoes not actively attempt to advance basketball towards the basket and shoot the ball at the basket)
8.Checked Ball: Ball must be checked by an opposing player before it is put intoplay.
a. The check-in must occur behind the dashed take back line and not theout of bounds or end line.
b. The ball must be passed to begin play.
c. The pass may occur anywhere on the ball court, but the on-ball defendermust remain behind the 2 point arc.
9.Referees will call fouls throughout game play. Each foul called will result in out ofbounds take out
10.Substitution are allowed for each dead ball/timeout. Basket ball play resumesand time will not stop for dead ball
FACES SoCal Disclosure:
By participating in this charity event, players agree that the event organizers and designated tournament officials volunteering on behalf of FACES SoCal shall have the right to make all decisions pertaining to fair play and points determined.
Event organizers and designated tournament officials volunteering on the behalf of FACES SoCal reserve the right to disqualify any player and/or team for infractions of tour tournament rules and regulation without reimbursement of player’s tournament entry fee.