#FitWithFACES 6 Weeks Wellness Challenge

Week 1:

We are knee deep in healthy eating habits and working out like crazy!  Have you checked out our hash tag #FitWithFACES on social media?  It's just a glimpse of all the challengers doing work!

Check back every Monday to see our weekly leaders in the following categories:

1. Biggest Loser (Weight loss)

2. Biggest Influencer (Social King or Queen)

3. Brownie Points leader

Here's to the next 6 Weeks of getting healthy!

For non-participants, show us what you're doing too!  We'd love to hear and share your stories especially during this unprecedented time! 

Let's stay connected, interact with one anther, and make sure we're not alone!  #InterFACES

6wk wellness challenge 2020b.jpg